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Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre education company comes to Eastleigh College!

Last week Shakespeare’s Globe Education came to Eastleigh College to run a series of workshops for our GCSE English students.
The students, who are taking GCSE English as part of their full-time courses, are currently studying Shakespeare’s Macbeth, and the workshops gave them a real insight into the play as a performance and how language can be used to construct characters and relationships.
Emily and Megan, both studying Diploma in Dance, said, "The workshops actually got us involved in activities and having to act the characters, which helped us understand what the characters were trying to do. Studying Macbeth has helped us learn how the English language has changed, and Shakespeare created lots of new words that shaped the language we have today. 
"We both want to become dance teachers, and we thought the workshops were really relevant for us because they help build your confidence in acting a persona, which is what you do in a performance. It showed us that the more you get involved, the more confident you become."
The workshops ran over three days, and explored the techniques used by actors to access the language used by Shakespeare, and in turn how this influences how they play a character.
The students learned how to analyse language and identify themes throughout the play, as well as understand how prose and verse is used for different effects.
“Before performing a Shakespeare play you must first understand the language,” says Georghia Ellinas, Head of Learning at Globe Education. “This week we have looked at how the language is used to persuade, convince, argue and express feelings in Macbeth, and understanding this is an essential skill which can be applied to all forms of language.”
Globe Education has been supporting the work of schools and colleges in the teaching of Shakespeare for over 30 years. They welcome over 100,000 students to the Globe every year for workshops, and work with schools across the world.