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Learners take to the seas in virtual maritime simulator

Business and Logistics learners have enjoyed an educational VR experience at the Maritime Simulation Centre at Southampton Solent University.

13 of our Level 3 Business and Logistics learners visited the Simulation Centre to celebrate National Maritime Week. It is the largest centre of its kind in the UK and uses state of the art technology to deliver exceptionally high-quality maritime training. Our learners experienced a range of immersive simulation equipment, with one notable highlight including steering a ship around Hong Kong harbour. They also had the opportunity to share valuable discussion with seasoned industry professionals, such as a crane operator, cruise ship engineer and project manager.

Clare Battson, Lecturer in Business, Logistics & Professional Studies, said: “Our trip to the Maritime Simulation Centre at Southampton Solent University was an amazing experience for our learners and the glowing feedback we’ve received from them demonstrates how valuable this has been to their studies. We would like to thank our hosts for welcoming us, and look forward to visiting again in the future”.

Liam Powell said: “This trip gave me a new perspective on the industry and I appreciated the rundown of each lecturer's respective background on how they achieved their own goals. I also learnt about some of the qualities required to make a successful ship officer, such as self-discipline, initiative and decisiveness.

Ryan Shah said: “During our visit, we learnt about a lot of different roles within the maritime industry, such as navigating, engineering and port working. This trip was fun, educational and opened my eye to the real world and the amount of opportunities that Southampton Solent University offer.”

National Maritime Week is a week to celebrate the impact of the maritime sector, which contributes £46.1 billion to the economy every year and supports 1 million jobs. It plays a vital role in sustaining daily life across the country, with 95% of British exports and imports moved by sea. To mark the occasion, a large programme of events have been held across the country in the form of careers fairs, open days and interactive activities.  

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