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Learners discuss faith and life’s big questions in special event

Speakers from seven different faiths and philosophies have come together with learners to educate them about their faiths, answer any questions and promote thoughtful discussion.

This unique event gave learners the opportunity to broaden their horizons and understand different approaches to the common issues that people face across the world. Among the speakers of the event were those of Catholicism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Hinduism and Sikhism. There was also a speaker present to discuss the principles of Humanism. Learners were engaged and attentive throughout the sessions, with lots of questions for each speaker.

Richard Allan, Lecturer in English and ESOL at Eastleigh College, commented: “A key part of the Skills for Living in the UK course at Eastleigh College is learning about the rich variety of faiths and beliefs which contribute to the culture of the UK. These can be very different to students’ native countries. Today’s activity was a fabulous opportunity to listen to our guest speakers and ask questions. As well as practicing English skills, this reinforces our work in class and supports our students’ integration into our society.”

Father Luca Speziale spoke about Catholicism at the event. He commented: “It is rare today to find a place where you can talk about the things that really matter to you. This was my experience at Eastleigh College!”

David Vane represented the Buddhism faith. He said: “The event was an excellent example of seeing many different viewpoints on faith yet sharing common ground on the basic values of peace, respect and tolerance. I enjoyed hearing the other speakers on some of the topics that were posed by the young people.”

Eastleigh College welcomes learners from all faiths and those of none. There is a dedicated reflection room (A001D) on the main campus. Any learner may use this to take time for prayer or contemplation and is encouraged to book the key from Main Reception. If the practice of a learner’s faith may affect their time and participation at College, they are encouraged to discuss with their Tutor who can make adjustments to accommodate the learner’s religious needs.

Inclusivity is at the heart of Eastleigh College values and the Learner Hub will be continuing this theme next month with a series of talks to mark Pride month.

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