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Learner turns Lecturer at Eastleigh College

Counselling alumna Charlotte Eyre has just been appointed as Lecturer of Counselling at Eastleigh College, completing a full-circle evolution from a Level 3 learner to a Level 6 First-Class Honours graduate, and finally to a lecturer of the department.

Charlotte’s first foray into counselling studies began in 2016 at the age of 30. Having previously been a counselling client herself, she had a first-hand appreciation of its power as a healing tool and found herself developing an interest in the administrative side of the counsellor – client relationship. It was this interest that led her to Eastleigh College, where she enrolled on a six-week starter course: “Introduction to Counselling Skills”.

“Returning to an academic environment was challenging at first," said Charlotte. “My school years were difficult and I didn’t emerge with the grades I wanted, which had left imprints on my confidence and self-esteem. I quickly realised that being taught by counsellors was a fantastic solution for this, as they know exactly how to support you through that.”

Upon completing her Introductory course in Counselling, Charlotte enrolled on a Level 3 ABC Certificate in Counselling Skills the next year. She established a strong support network among her peers over the duration of this course, and through mutual encouragement a number of them decided to continue their studies together with a further Diploma at the College. Counselling Diplomas cover Levels 4 and 5 over a two-year learning program.

It was at this stage that Charlotte realised the type of counselling she wanted to pursue – Gestalt Counselling. As well as learning about the specific skills required for Gestalt Counselling, Charlotte also received training in alternative approaches such as Humanistic Counselling and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). She further completed 30 hours of personal therapy as part of the course training requirements and set up a private practice in 2021 in collaboration with two course peers.

“Establishing my own practice gave me a real burst of energy”, said Charlotte. “It really helped me put all my training into action and cemented the value of communication and empathy in the role.”

She continued her practice throughout 2021 alongside her studies, including a further Level 6 qualification at the College, which she completed in April of this year - emerging with First-Class Honours. Now she is looking forward to her next steps as she prepares to begin her teaching career at Eastleigh College.

Jacqueline Beavis, Head of Delivery for HE, Business and Logistics, said: “Charlotte is a very welcome addition to the team and her extensive experience as a learner here will bring a unique understanding to the role that I am confident will be of great benefit to her learners. Her story is an inspiring testament to the nurturing environment here at the College and the whole team are delighted that she has chosen to continue her career with us.”

Eastleigh College wishes Charlotte the best of luck in this next exciting chapter!

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