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Hampshire Chief Executive paves the way for Women in Business

In a sector which is disproportionately led by males, Chief Executive and Principal of Eastleigh College, Dr Jan Edrich, recently chaired the Women’s Leadership Network (WLN) Annual Conference, speaking of her own journey to senior leadership, and to inspire the leaders of tomorrow.

The annual conference, which also included key note speakers representing England Rugby, Parliament and the Royal Air Force, looked at strategies for increasing support networks, raising individuals profiles, extending skills and building confidence, in recognition that many women are often promoted to below their ability level and may even face additional barriers to their progression.

As a passionate believer in equal opportunities, and as a mentor to many future leaders herself, Jan is keen to develop her work further in this field. “I feel very proud to be part of such an inspirational national network, and am always looking for opportunities to develop this locally too. Eastleigh is a dynamic and well connected area, and perhaps I know better than most the diverse range of talent on our doorstep, which, with a little help, could easily take charge of the Solent region of the future!”

A spokesperson who attended the conference spoke highly of the day, commenting, “This was a very interesting and inspiring conference. I met some very dynamic and inspirational women who have given the audience great advice and insight. I will go away from this knowing I am capable of achieving, and will embrace new opportunities where they exist.”

To find out more about the WLN, please visit, or to contact Dr Edrich about any local opportunities please email