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GP delivers activity-filled seminars on NHS career opportunities

A general practitioner from Fordingbridge Surgery has delivered a series of educational workshops at Eastleigh College, as part of a campaign to introduce learners to career paths within the NHS.

Dr Alex Corcoran has worked in the local area for over a decade and, having completed his GP training five years ago, is now on a mission to impart his knowledge to the next generation of medical practitioners. His visit to Eastleigh College follows our successful collaboration with the Medical Mavericks organisation in December, with both events enjoyed by a range of learners, including those on our Health and Social Care, Kickstart and Uni Connect programmes.

Dr Corcoran said: “The aim of these sessions is to encourage learners to consider one of the varied and interesting roles on offer to them within the NHS. There is a particular focus on primary care (NHS roles in a community setting) as there are lots of exciting new careers being developed in this part of the NHS. I talk to the learners about this and introduce them to careers they may not have considered before - there really is something for everyone here!”

Taking place in our Learner Hub, Dr Corcoran’s seminars combined an informative PowerPoint presentation with an assortment of activity stations, allowing for a combination of practical and theoretical learning. Each station contained different medical equipment to conduct different tasks – including checking blood pressure, monitoring oxygen levels in blood, using otoscopes to perform ear examinations and stethoscopes to listen to heart and lung activity. Learners had the opportunity to experience each station, with Dr Corcoran on hand to guide everyone through the operation of all equipment.

“It was fun testing out all the different equipment,” said Mariyah Agha, a learner who attended the event. “I liked how Dr Corcoran highlighted opportunities for aspiring doctors and nurses, such as working abroad for a while in a foreign country. It has made me consider this as a potential future career.”

SUN Mentor Fiona Thomson organised the visit and spoke following its conclusion: “Sometimes learners are fixated on a particular career but their expectations can be detached from reality. It was highly beneficial for Dr Corcoran to explain specific responsibilities of different roles within the NHS and this has given learners real clarity moving forward. Guest talks for other departments are in the pipeline, with an upcoming seminar for engineering learners and we are hoping to organise a visit for creative media learners as well.”

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