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COVID-19 test kits remain available to learners and staff as national guidelines update

With new nationwide COVID-19 guidelines coming into place, Eastleigh College remains committed to providing learners and staff with test kits upon request.

Face masks will be personal choice on College campus and there will be no requirement to test twice a week as previously. However, the College remains committed to providing a number of measures going forward.

The foremost of these measures will be maintaining an enhanced cleaning routine in both individual classrooms and communal areas throughout the week. This will be supplemented by strong hygiene routines and provisions, including hand sanitising stations around campus, while ventilation will be maximised in classrooms and offices. Learners or staff who test positive for COVID-19 will be advised to work from home and avoid contact with others for at least 5 full days and then continue to follow guidance until they have received negative results on 2 consecutive days. Those who display COVID-19 symptoms onsite will also be asked to return home, take a PCR test and follow self-isolation guidance. Visitors will be asked to confirm they do not have any COVID-19 symptoms and that they haven’t been advised to self-isolate. Anyone self-isolating will be fully supported by the College for the duration of their absence and test kits will remain available upon request.

Though the COVID-19 prognosis across the UK has seen positive improvements in recent months, Eastleigh College recognises the continued importance of the vaccination programme implementation to protect ourselves and others. Learners and staff are encouraged to take up the vaccine offer wherever possible. A list of local vaccination clinics can be found here.

Our website will continue to update with any further COVID-19 developments, which will also be communicated via text and our social media channels.

For any further information, please contact the College at