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Expert equipment for Motor Vehicle students

Did you know that for over six years, automotive recycling specialist Silverlake has supplied Eastleigh College with genuine second-hand parts for our Motor Vehicle courses?

Learners on these courses benefit from a range of next-day delivered parts, from individual headlights to entire engines. The students can use the parts to replace existing components they are working on, or in their training to better understand how an engine works.  

Every year Silverlake also supply between 10 and 15 working cars to the College for students to work on during their course, and collect the previous year’s cars at the same time.

The opportunity to continuously work on a variety of different engines and components is very beneficial to learners wishing to gain or advance their career in vehicle maintenance and repair. Being exposed to industry equipment means learners get a thorough understanding of different brands and functionality, enabling them to gain a wide range of skills and knowledge during their course.

Silverlake have the most up-do-date vehicle information available to them, which means parts are accurate and delivered quickly. They have always provided an excellent service to the College, and we are proud to work with them to enhance our students’ education.

Are you interested in Motor Vehicle studies? You can find more information about our range of courses on our Automotive Careers page.