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eSignUp a proven success for College apprenticeships

After only six months of operation, new ‘eSignUp’ software has transformed Eastleigh College's apprenticeship recruitment process.

eSignUp is a dynamic application that offers advanced digital autonomy of apprenticeship paperwork, ensuring both apprentices and employers have a much simpler route to begin an apprenticeship with Eastleigh College. Prior to this software, existing recruitment processes required all paperwork to be done by hand, leading to significant costs in paper production and a high volume of paper waste. Extensive time was required to manually input candidate information and complete a range of complex funding calculations.

Thanks to the innovation of eSignUp software, time-consuming elements can now be calculated in seconds without any risk of human error, such as costs, off-the-job hours and apprenticeship duration. Learners and employers can enjoy a streamlined enrolment process, while the Eastleigh College recruitment team are able to respond strongly to quick turnovers and offer greater personalised support during recruitment.

Dan Wareham, Learner Recruitment Manager at Eastleigh College, said: “The introduction of eSignUp has had a hugely positive impact on our apprenticeship administrative processes which were previously very resource-heavy. Given the breadth and volume of our apprenticeship provision, coupled with the high regard for compliance, the journey from application to enrolment has been challenging in the past. eSignUp and its digital functionality allows us to provide a consistently high level of service to our learners and employers and fulfils all our technical and funding obligations. Additionally, the collaboration work between ourselves and eSignUp has allowed us to integrate eSignUp with our ProSolution system which is already enhancing the experience for staff, learners and employers. We look forward to continuing our positive relationship with eSignUp indefinitely."  

Carol Smith, eSignUp Product Manager, commented: “It’s great to hear how the implementation of eSignUp has benefited Eastleigh College and the positive impact it has had on their apprenticeship processes. We hope it will continue to help them long into the future.”

This exciting development has been a recent step in our ambitious objective as laid out in our College 2020-2024 strategy: “To pursue and restlessly refine the digital strategy focused on the ‘classroom’ and ‘office”. This follows the recent installation of three immersive classrooms and our emphasis on digital collateral in our College marketing.

Our full 2020-2024 College strategy can be viewed here.

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