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Eastleigh College prepares to mark Mental Health Awareness Week 2023

Eastleigh College is keenly looking ahead to Mental Health Awareness Week next week.

According to national statistics, 1 in 6 adults experience a common mental disorder like depression or anxiety at any given time. 18% of children aged 7-16 had a probable mental health condition in 2022, up from 12% in 2017, while the NHS spent £14.9 billion on national mental health services last year. With such a high prevalence of mental health issues, the importance of regular conversation around the subject of mental health is becoming increasingly clear.

This year Eastleigh College is centering next week’s awareness efforts around the subject of self-esteem, a topic that young people can often particularly struggle with. Infographics have been displayed in our Learner Hub, while relevant books are being exhibited in our library area for anyone to read. Special self-esteem workshops for our supported learners are being held on campus next week, with activities and a presentation prepared to engage them in this important discussion. College counsellors will be available for anyone who would like a confidential discussion while both learners and staff are encouraged to check-in on the wellbeing of those around them.

Mental Health Awareness Week was launched in 2001 and has since soared in popularity to become the world’s biggest mental health campaign. It was established by the Mental Health Foundation, a charity that dates back to 1949 and has been championing change for a mentally healthy society for over 70 years. As well as public engagement campaigns, they publish important studies, organise community programmes and propose solutions for mental health struggles.

Gemma Fisher, Learner Hub Support & Enrichment Co-ordinator at Eastleigh College, commented: “Mental Health struggles can make a person feel isolated and we just want to send a message that for anyone going through a tough time right now, you are not alone, you are special and things will get better.”

For more information on how you can get involved in Mental Health Awareness Week, please visit the campaign website here.

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