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Eastleigh College update - COVID-19 measures for week commencing Monday 8 November

Following the Hampshire half term and the College’s planned non-teaching week Eastleigh College will be reintroducing stricter COVID-19 measures during a week that will see all onsite learners be tested through the College’s onsite test centre.

At the end of October the College had lower infection rates than the regional average, College operations were unaffected by infection rates, and the College continues to implement its successful Covid Recovery Commitments. However, in recognition of the national and regional position the College has taken the proactive decision to reintroduce some measures and hold a testing week in a bid to keep learners and staff safe.

When learners return to the College site on November 8th following the non-teaching week, the College will implement a testing week during which all onsite learners will be tested through the onsite test centre. During the testing week all learners and staff will be required to wear a face mask or covering at all times when inside College buildings. Face masks or coverings will only be allowed to be removed when; both seated and eating, and when staff are seated in their own office.

Paul Cox, Chief Executive and Principal said, “We would like to thank the entire College community for continuing to work together and being so instrumental in our COVID response. Our top priority is keeping all learners and staff safe, and for that reason we feel that a testing week is essential. Throughout the pandemic our plans have been well received by our learners and staff and I am confident this will continue.”

At the end of the week of testing, the College will provide an update to learners and staff with regards to case numbers, Government advice and any other factors that will inform the College’s planning for moving forward.

Tracey McAdam, Head of Learner Support and Designated Safeguarding Lead at Eastleigh College explains, “We are committed to providing a safe working place for our learners, testing everyone as they return to site will ensure we reduce the spread of infections at the College. We understand learners may be apprehensive as we head into the winter months and our plan is to continue to provide regular updates on the implementation of COVID-19 measures throughout the winter term.”

Mickiela Blake, Head of HR and Talent Development added, “We are committed to providing a safe working environment for our staff, regular home testing will enable us to do that and reduce transmission. We feel the reintroduction of measures such as face coverings during the testing week is sensible at this stage, and will provide further protection for our staff during the winter term.”

Since January 2021 the Eastleigh College onsite test centre has remained fully open, the test centre can process over 300 tests a day.