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Eastleigh College marks Earth Day with ten new electric car charging points and enhanced Cycle to Work scheme

Friday 22nd April marks Earth Day, a day to remember the importance of honouring and protecting the environment. In alignment with this, Eastleigh College have installed ten electric car charging points in our staff car park to support the electric rollout, as well as developing the electric bike offerings available to staff through our Cycle to Work scheme.

Studies show that by the end of March 2022, there were only 30,412 live public car charging devices across the UK, whilst there were nearly 420,000 pure electric vehicles active nationwide. Given this sizable disparity between the infrastructure rollout and electric car sales, the UK government have taken action in committing to a ten-fold increase in public car charging points in the UK by 2030. Utilising the technology of Easee, and the hard work of AME South Ltd and AA Construction Southern Ltd, Eastleigh College have been able to successfully install ten electric car charging points. Six key fobs to enable charging have already been issued, with more anticipated in the coming weeks.

Karen Haskett, Health and Safety Assistant at Eastleigh College, said: “It was fantastic to be part of a team to bring EV chargers to Eastleigh College including Premises and Estates, the electrical contractor AME South Ltd and the groundwork company AA Construction Southern Ltd. It was a fantastic project to be involved with.”

As part of our Cycle to Work initiative, staff have the opportunity to purchase bikes at a discounted rate, helping them to keep fit while contributing to a greener economy. To develop this further, Eastleigh College have been working to extend the scheme to include electric bikes. On Wednesday 27th April, Pure Electric will be on site to showcase a sample of electric bikes available through the Cycle to Work scheme, with discounts ranging from 25-39%.

2022 marks the 52nd edition of Earth Day, an event that is now globally recognised and the basis for a variety of community environmental activities such as planting trees and ocean clean-ups. Its conception dates back to 1969 when peace activist John McConnell proposed a day to honour and cherish the planet. With the backing of leading senators, it was launched in the USA a year later in 1970 with subsequent years seeing the number of participating nations expand to 141.

To learn more about how you can get involved with Earth Day, please click here.

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