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Functional Skills adult maths pass rates reach new highs

Eastleigh College Functional Skills adult maths learners have successfully eclipsed published Pearson’s pass rates for the third successive year, with a 62.5% Level 1 pass rate and a 73.5% Level 2 pass rate. These are both over double the Pearson’s 2020/21 overall Level 1 and Level 2 pass rates.

Functional Skills mathematics courses are designed to bolster confidence and fluency in the subject, instilling core knowledge and skills in learners while helping them develop key problem-solving abilities. There are typically three levels of Functional Skills maths – Entry Level, Level 1 and Level 2 – each progressing in difficulty to equip learners with the tools to answer increasingly complex problems and equations.

A driving factor in the success of our pass rates has been the strength of development in our Functional Skills program. Implementing a unique summative and formative assessment system has enabled our teaching staff to determine the ability of individual learners, track their progress and cater to their needs through a bespoke training program based on gaps in their knowledge.

Learning flexibility has also been a key consideration, with Eastleigh College being one of few colleges to run streamed ability courses for both full-time and part-time learners – as a result our adult part-time maths provision saw a three-fold increase in pass rates betwen 2017/18 and 2018/19 and a further two-fold increase from this between 2018/19 and 2020/21. It has also led to some strong success stories from our learners.

One such example is Madelyn Pestana Suescan, who joined the College in 2020 as an Entry Level learner, but strong performance results saw her fast-tracked through to Level 2 Functional Skills. Madelyn went on to achieve a Grade 5 in GCSE maths during the November 2021 resits.

“My experience in the functional mathematics course was excellent, both for the knowledge acquired and for the way the teachers supported my learning,” said Madelyn. “The way they adapted our learning to the online world by using Google Classroom proved very helpful and they were always ready to answer any questions I had. Without this course I would never have reached my goal of achieving my maths GCSE.”

Adam O’Carroll, Madelyn’s former teacher, said: “It is a real achievement to come from Level 2 Functional Skills and gain a Grade 5 GCSE within the same academic year – this is an increase of three grade boundaries! We are very proud of Madelyn and wish her every success for the future.”

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