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Eastleigh College celebrates the Festival of Learning

The Festival of Learning (previously Adult Learner’s Week) takes place in the months of May and June 2016, and is a celebration of learning no matter what your age. As part of the nationwide campaign, Eastleigh College offered a range of taster activities from its extensive list of part-time professional and leisure courses, from engineering to chocolatier-ing!

Visitors were able to try out a range of activities including hair styling, floristry, carpentry and even spinning. Eastleigh College hopes that by encouraging people to try something new, they will be inspired to take up a new hobby or even enhance their professional skills to go further in their career.

Darren Peach has been thinking about getting into carpentry for a while, so thought he’d investigate a part-time course that would get him up to scratch. He said, “To begin with I’m looking at building a simple hinged-lid box, then I’ll take it from there! Today has been a very enjoyable way to find out about the course before I start.”

Sarah Moody is a current student and came along to the event to encourage others to join. She used to work in Sales, but decided to try a Floristry course with the ambition of doing it full-time. So far she has already set up her own business on the side, and thinks the open day was a great idea, “It’s a really good idea to try things out first before you commit”, she said.

On-hand at the event were full-time students studying Event Management. As part of their course they had organised the open event, from blowing up balloons and hanging bunting to advertising the event locally with flyers.

Rosie Kitcher, studying Level 3 Event Management, commented, “We have organised the event using three departments: internal, external and marketing, and I’ve been working in the marketing team designing flyers, banners and posters. I worked in a different team at our last event, so it’s been good to get experience in all the different areas.”

The College offers a range of part-time courses including cake artistry, furniture restoration and accounting. Visit our new part-time leisure listings for 2016/17 to find out more information on course costs and start-dates, our browse our careers section for part-time professional courses.