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College students visit House of Commons

Eastleigh College students recently visited the House of Commons with local MP Mims Davies, who gave them the opportunity to witness a cross-party Parliamentary meeting first-hand.

The visit took place during Parliament Week, during which the students also explored what Parliament meant to them, and encouraged participation and interaction with topical issues. The visit focussed on agile working and covered topics such as technology, gender differences at work, pay gaps and equality and diversity in the workplace.

During the trip, students had an exclusive tour around the House of Commons and were able to sit in on meetings with MPs. As a result of the visit, students returned to college inspired and with a greater depth of knowledge of how Parliament runs, from discussions through to decision-making.

Beth, who studies Engineering, was one the students who visited the House of Commons and explains, “It was a very interesting trip where I learnt about how women have been treated in the workplace. What shocked me the most were discussions around maternity leave and how women had returned and were made to feel like they weren’t good at their job anymore.”

The students returned motivated by the stories they heard and are currently looking at ways to share their learning across the college, ensuring peers also have an understanding of how Parliament can impact what happens in the workplace.

Lorna Wagner, IAG and Admissions Manager arranged the trip and comments, “It was an incredible visit which I found inspiring and know the students took a lot from. We’re looking at ways to embed this knowledge with the other students at college.”

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