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College Statement

Consistent with the College’s published strategy we continue to consider merger, acquisition and/or group structure opportunities as they may arise and/or develop. We recognise the efforts of the past year in developing an initial proposal by the Department for Education (DfE), Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA), the Further Education Commissioner (FEC) and others in seeking to resolve the challenges faced by City College Southampton.

As we have demonstrated since our 2018 merger attempt with City College that ultimately saw necessary funding not approved by the ESFA, we will continue to consider how we can support improvement and deliver an improved position for learners, staff, employers, stakeholders and the city of Southampton. The city is long established within the College’s travel to learn region with many young, adult and apprentice learners from Southampton already choosing Eastleigh for their education, apprenticeship and/or training. Eastleigh also has a very strong network of employer partners that span the city, South Hampshire and the Solent.

The most recent example of our commitment is the publication of our 2022 collaborative guide for the region's employers as to how they can outsource and meet their learning and development needs through the College and the Universities of Portsmouth and Solent as partners. This guide was supported by many regional employer organisations including Business South, the Federation of Small Business and Hampshire and Southampton Chambers of Commerce.

The Board will consider the initial proposal in June and will feedback to relevant agencies at that time. Staff, learners, employers, partners and applicants should be reassured that the College will consider the initial proposal carefully and will ensure that any decisions taken with regards to the initial proposal meets the needs and future ambitions of the College, the town of Eastleigh and the city of Southampton.

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