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Catering students welcome the first guest speaker of the year!

Yesterday our Hospitality and Catering students welcomed Caroline Benjamin from the Food Allergy Training Consultancy, who talked to the students about food allergies and intolerances.

Caroline gave an in-depth presentation on the different types of allergies and intolerances that chefs have to consider during their careers. She discussed the importance of being aware of food allergies, and the affect this could have on a business if this is not considered.

Being knowledgeable of allergies and intolerances enables chefs to tailor meals to customers and create a more enjoyable experience, which in turn should provide the establishment with loyal customers and good recommendations for the business. Caroline also discussed the different types of legislation that exists around this topic.

The allergens that Catering students must consider range from nuts, milk and soy, to less well-known ingredients such as molluses, mustard and even celery!

The talk was highly valuable to students, as it not only equipped them with important information about allergies and intolerances, but also demonstrated how this should be handled in their industry by following the correct procedures. This means that students understand the concepts they need to think about while preparing and cooking food, as well as the wider implications of this and how to handle these issues professionally.

We hope the students enjoyed the talk, and the Hospitality and Catering department are very much looking forward to welcoming other guest speakers to the College throughout the year!

More information about our Hospitality and Catering courses can be found on our careers page.