Coronavirus Update

Eastleigh College has moved to online learning, as such campuses are closed to the vast majority of learners. The College remains open (including over the Easter holiday period) for 16-18 learners of key workers, and those learners with an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP). However, for both categories, learners are asked to stay at home where it is safe to do so. Consistent with public health advice, learners and staff are asked to follow public health guidance and the steps outlined via the 'read more' button.

Breaking Bad in the Chemistry lab

In a simulation of the popular American crime drama television series 'Breaking Bad', Eastleigh College students unravelled the story of a struggling college chemistry teacher, who, together with a former student, had turned to a life of crime producing crystallized methamphetamine in the chemistry lab.

The Forensic Science, Criminology, Criminal Psychology and Public Service students all took part in the well-planned activity which was facilitated by Hampshire Police. The College's Chemistry laboratory was converted into a crime scene for the day and Sargent Colin White supervised the management and evidence collection from the simulated crime scene. Students were assessed on their ability to carry out a forensic examination using appropriate methods to gather biological, physical and chemical evidence. Specific bagging techniques and common approach paths were shown to them to ensure they were investigating correctly whilst also minimising the risk of cross-contamination.

Sam Brett Cooper, a first year Applied Science Forensics student, found the experience very exciting. Sam commented:

"It was very interesting and it's what I wanted to do in college. It's the sort of stuff I'm looking forward to doing when I go on to university. I learned a lot about common approach paths, quarantines and how detailed you have to be in your reports. It was really interesting."

Peter Croft, Forensic Science tutor, said:

"These sorts of exercises are absolutely excellent for the students. It gives them practical experience and experience of a simulated crime scene with people from the Police. The students are able to receive direct advice from the Police as to what is current best practice, including health and safety and all other crime scene procedures that they must adhere to." 

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