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Art students work with acclaimed artist at great hall

Eastleigh College Pre-degree Foundation Diploma in Art, Design and Media students were delighted to be involved in the creation of the Cloud installation by internationally renowned artist, Susie MacMurray, currently under construction at the Great Hall, Winchester.  The installation represents conflict, loss and memory, and in particular the First World War. The huge aerial work will be suspended from the roof of the Great Hall. 

The students were asked to help make some of the replica 40,000 identity tags which represent those soldiers involved in the war, taking several hours to create around 300 tags each. Visitors will be able to write on the tags, dedicating them to those they have lost, or who are currently serving in the Armed Forces. 

The students were lucky enough to meet Susie at the Great Hall recently to discuss her work and see how the installation is progressing. The artist hosted an informal question and answer session, giving an enthusiastic overview of how she moved from her former career in music to art. She explained how her Art Foundation year was the best year of her life and that the students should make the most of it! She articulated her passion for art, and the fact that art is for all to appreciate, not just academics. 

Pre-degree Foundation Diploma in Art, Design and Media student Paulina Nieduzak said "Listening to Susie was really informative. It was nice to meet an artist whilst their work is actually being constructed; I've never done that before. Usually when you see an installation it's the finished article. It was fascinating to see one being put together, especially on such a large scale." 

The students also had the chance to speak with Susie's assistants, art graduates from Manchester, who were helping to construct the installation. They gave the students sound advice which included suggesting the students become involved in as many art projects as they can, take the time to volunteer in the industry and undertake networking to create useful relationships. 

Eastleigh College Art, Design and Media Lecturer Eileen White said "The students were really pleased to be involved in the installation and it was a great opportunity for them today to meet the artist and see the piece evolving in this magnificent building. Hopefully we will be able to come back and see the finished work, complete with the identity tags!" 

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