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Art learners shine in ‘Amalgamation’ exhibition

A collection of work from our talented learners in the art department has been put on public display in our College gallery.

‘Amalgamation’ is the first post-pandemic art exhibition on campus, featuring projects from both current learners and alumni of the past two years. Its title refers to the blending of cultures and this is embodied throughout the collection which contains a range of paintings, collages, textile designs, prints and handmade crafts. Many of the exhibits promote strong themes and messages, some are produced entirely from recycled materials and others explore unique technologies such as stop motion and digital animation.

A total of 35 learners contributed to the exhibition, all of whom have been studying a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design or an Extended Diploma in Creative Practice. Isabelle Ackerman is one of the artists featured in ‘Amalgamation’, presenting an interactive device entitled ‘Meat Cute – The Chop Shop’ that invites the audience into a teddy bear picnic with a surreal and disturbing twist. She had warm words on the experience: “Being able to see people view and interact with my work was amazing and there is truly something for everyone at this year’s show. I couldn’t have come this far without the knowledge and skills I’ve been taught by my tutors and am incredibly grateful for their support. I can’t wait for what’s next and I wish all my peers the best of luck in the future!”

Caroline Perrett, Head of Art and Design at Eastleigh College, said: “This is a big event for our department, hosting our first in-person exhibition since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The range of handmade and digital art on display is superb, much of it stirring and thought-provoking, which is perhaps amplified by the changes we have all been through in the past few years. We would like to thank all the talented artists who contributed to this wonderful portfolio of our department.”

Though the exhibition closes on Wednesday 22nd July, art learners are producing exciting projects all the year round – these are often featured on the department’s dedicated Instagram page. We also have a growing number of alumni successes, such as Chamiah who has demonstrated our College values of ambition and professionalism in her first steps into the fashion industry.

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