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Ambitious January sees collaborative learning unlock new skills

Level 2 Early Years and Level 2 Health and Social Care learners have joined forces to participate in case study workshops that tackle the complex needs of families and children.

The workshops, which took place over the course of a day, saw a blend of independent and collaborative work as learners reviewed a wide selection of child development and safeguarding issues and brainstormed solutions. Learners were split into groups to create resolutions with each group containing learners from both courses, to ensure different perspectives could be offered and new information could be shared. Key transferable skills were required throughout the day, including research through our Learner Hub library and online resources, good organisation in order to be able to put the project together, and public speaking with each group presenting to the rest of the class at the end of the day.

Hannah Shennan, Early Years Lecturer at Eastleigh College, said: “Everyone worked extremely hard and collaborated together really well, leading to some fascinating solutions to a range of problems that young people and families face. Much of the content of these two courses relates and overlaps so bringing them together really helps to broaden learner perspectives and fuel new ideas.”

Feedback from learners who attended the session indicates how helpful it was for course development and growth. Martha, a Level 2 Early Years learner, commented: “The day helped me understand how much we rely on others, the importance of teamwork, good organisation and good methods to working through stressful situations”. Steph, a Level 2 Health and Social Care learner, said: “I felt as a group we all communicated well and shared thoughts well, listening to each group’s ideas and learning from them”.

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