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We are seeking feedback on the Eastleigh College Future Skills Plan, a strategic document that has been developed to enable the college to continue to meet its ambition to support the local, regional and national skills and training needs of businesses and wider industry bodies. This document is the cumulation of a significant piece of research that reviewed the colleges current and future curriculum offer and how this offer aligns to the needs of our local economy.

This document intends to the compliment the development of the Local Skills Improvement Plan (LSIP) led by Hampshire Chamber of Commerce as the Employer Representative Body (ERB) for shaping the future skills need of the region. The Skills and Post – 16 Education Act (2022) places a duty upon providers such as Eastleigh College to develop a curriculum offer that contributes towards meeting the regional employment demands, working in collaboration with other providers, local government, employers and other stakeholders.  

The Future Skills Plan will also incorporate the ‘Accountability Agreement’, part of the Department for Education funding and accountability reforms, colleges are obligated to outline their curriculum targets that reflect how they are contributing towards LSIP priorities. As both documents are outlining these skills priorities, it is proposed they will be incorporated in this publication.   

We are seeking to engage feedback with a wide range of stakeholders including educational providers (including schools, colleges and HEI’s), businesses, and civic groups on the content, layout and impact that the Future Skills Plan intends to have before its publication later this year.

Stakeholder feedback events have been created to allow feedback to be discussed, these events are to be held on:

Monday 27th February at 10.00

Wednesday 1st March at 16.00

Friday 3rd March 2023 at 12.00

Thursday 16th March 2023 at 8.30am

Monday 20th March 2023 at 12pm

Wednesday 29th March 2023 at 5pm

To book onto one of these events please follow the links above.

Alternatively, click here to leave feedback directly by completing the form. If you have opted to, we will contact you for a follow up conversation.

It is our ambition to consider and reflect on all feedback received. We currently plan to review our draft plan during April with the goal of seeking final Board approval in early May before final publication.

A copy of the Future Skills Plan can be downloaded as a PDF here.

Following the DfE recommendation in May 2022 Eastleigh College, City College Southampton and Fareham College are actively and positively investigating the opportunities that come from closer integration up to and including merger. As such our draft Future Skills Plan has been informed by the work to date on the proposed merger (read more and access FAQ here).