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The Annual Awards are a fantastic way to recognise and celebrate the success of our learners and staff, and this year more people were involved than ever!

Our Learner Awards are based on the College values:

Respectful/FREDIE - polite, tolerant, honest, friendly, supportive
Professional - punctual, prepared, lead by example, meet deadlines
Ambitious - aim high, be your best, exceed targets, be inquisitive
Resilient – commit, be determined, keep going however hard it gets, manage own wellbeing

The cateories for the Staff Excellence Awards, also aligned to the College values and are:


Award for Excellence in Achieving Development and Growth

Award for Excellence in Innovation

New Colleague Award

Respectful and FREDIE

Award for Excellence in Collaboration and Engagement

Award for Excellence in Supporting Others and Responsiveness

Award for Excellence in FREDIE


Award for Excellence in Inspirational Coaching

Lifetime Achievement Award

Unsung Hero Award


Delivery Colleague of the Year Award

Support Colleague of the Year Award

Leader of the Year Award

Ambitious, Respectful and FREDIE, Resilient, Professional

Team of the Year Award


Please click here for a list of the winners:

Learner Awards

Staff Awards